A new look

Finally I am getting the hang of this wordpress thing for my website. I spent some time viewing some video’s on WPbeginner and starting to sort out how it all works.

This new version of wordpress is much more intuitive and I am starting to understand how it all works. It is not as complicated as I thought.

On a spinning and dying note, I am busy dyeing again and spinning like mad so I can complete my 2nd year of OHS handspinning certification. There will pictures soon and yarn to show you, as well I wil

l be populating my etsy site again in the near future. I will be selling some handspun on the site as well as my Indy dyed yarns.

All the cards and stars say this is what I am meant to do so I am going to push ahead and see where I end up.

As an aside all the dogs are fine, they enjoy the cold up here on Georgian bay and just love all the snow, me not so much. I am looking forward to spring.


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