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Coming up for air

I am working on my achieving my Ontario Handspinners certificate, It is a 6 year program that has each year between 100-200 hours of homework assignments. I have finally finished the assignments for this year and have packed it off to be graded. Now I can rest until we start again in August of 2016. Note: big sigh, and several glasses of wine.

The course is held at the Haliburton School of Art and Design, part of Sir Sanford Fleming College, in Ontario, Canada. It is a wondrous place, in a wooded area of the Haliburton Highlands region. The course lasts a full 8 days from Saturday to Saturday each August. Each day is filled with learning and sharing and so much fun.  The week of school is mind blowing and exhausting but the friends you make and the sharing laughter and learning makes the effort all worthwhile. There are so many personalities and characters in our class, each one brings a special flavour to the week.

We are also blessed to have some of the most amazing teachers, new teachers who are recent graduates and teachers with so much experience that there is no way they could share all of the knowledge that they have with us, even over the six years we attend the prgram. I would name names but I am not sure I am allowed. I will check for the next blog.

So I am done for the year and am waiting for the return of my assignments and the marks. Always a little nerve racking but for now I can get back to the dye pots and my spinning.

Right now I have a bunch of sparkle yarn on the go that will head south to the Burlington yarn shop, “Spun Fibre Arts”. This is a lovely shop in the centre of Burlington, Ontario and has wonder friendly staff.

My next blog will include a review of Beth Smith’s latest video about “Spinning a consistent yarn”, it is definitely worth the view if you want to learn how to spin consistently.

Now, back to the dye pots.



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