New Year new me???

Happy New Year, I am really hoping that 2017 is going to be a great year of creating and healing. Right now I am looking out my back door and seeing somewhere between 12 and 24 inches of snow. We had a big melt over the Christmas week and it went down a good 6 inches but we have had another 12 inches or so since that melt. It is beautiful and white and I love all the colours of the snow to be honest I will be just as happy when it goes. Living on Georgian Bay means we get a lot of snow because of the large body of water so close to us and it is wonderful for people who love winter sports. I gave up skiing years ago due to a bad knee so the most I do is walk in it or play with my grandsons in the snow.

I am making a push this year to get my yarns and fibres out there on Etsy and pushing myself to do more to market my wares 🙂 In the next few weeks I will be changing my look slightly to make it more modern and to keep up with the times. I am getting help with this from a sweet young person I have known for year and is now an excellent graphic artist. Her company name is Elemenopeedesign. Check her out I find her very creative and wonderful to work with. 

Right now I am working on my skeins for my Spinning certificate, I have about 21 skeins to complete and mount as well as 5 knitting samples to go with some of the skeins. This is hours of work but I am finding it fun and interesting to see how the different types of wool fibre spin and their properties.

I am going to make a sincere effort to post more and share more over the next year! Thanks for being a part of my transformation!



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