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Sunday at Rhinebeck

This was my third year attending Rhinebeck, this year was a surprise as I had not intended to go but Hubby had booked us a vacation for that week about an hour away from 20161016_135000Rhinebeck, NY and since I was so close how could I not go. He was a willing driver and we set off across the countryside of Western Massachusetts and New York State and to Rhinebeck or to be more exact Dutchess county fairgrounds. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, a bit windy, I know this because Hubs decided to wear shorts and his legs were cold, but the sun was shining and the leaves were bright and beautiful.



I prefer to attend the New York Sheep and Wool festival (alias Rhinebeck) on Sundays. It is calmer and quieter and a lot less crowded20161016_122408. Sure I miss the podcaster meetup and I never get to line up for a mug at Jenny the Potter’s booth, but then the mugs are all gone almost before the show opens so that is what it is. I sure could not have taken Hubs on a Saturday, he would not have the patience for the line ups and the crowds so Sunday was good for us and we could not have had a better day.


I wandered through barn after barn, I was looking for only a few specific items and I admit I find all the choices of fibre and yarn sometimes overwhelming. I found some Unicorn Power Scour, what I use to wash my fleeces I buy. I found some pegs I can attach to a table to make some self striping yarn. The other thing I am always looking for is samples of fleece for my breed book. Sometimes I don’t want to buy a whole big fleece if I have not used the type of fleece before, so I want to purchase a small amount to try out. This time I found a20161016_121544 pound of 100% Finnsheep, and a pound of 100% Coopworth. I also managed to obtain a small sample of Soay sheep from a farmer in the breed barn, and another purchase some Leicester longwool locks also for the breed book. That is 4 more samples I can add and study. So I came away happy and pleased with my purchases.

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