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Vogue Live finally!

Hi All, I meant to write this as soon as I got back but ran into a few issues with my back, after the long train ride.

Vogue Live was fun and informative with lots of good classes and the market was great too! My friend Lynn

Stephen West

and I took a class , not the same one, and then shared our experiences. We both went to hear Stephen West speak and he was lovely. Such a wonderful young man with so much enthusiasm for life and the craft of knitting. He even had his mum with him and it was so sweet to see such affection between the two.

I took a class from Felicity Lo, of “Sweet Georgia Yarns“. It was great to take a dyeing class from an expert like Felicity and such and inspiration too. She shared 3 different dyeing techniques and I came away with one set of gradient blue yarns and 2 fun dyed skeins with a whole new colourway for 3dogknits.


After taking in the classes and wandering around New York City, we went to the market place, ummm…several times. I bought some beautiful yarns from a Canadian shop in Sarina called “Feather Your Nest” that sold “Blue Moon fibers”¬†from Targhee sheep, such beautiful yarn. The market place was fun and full of yarns and fibres I had not seen before and everyone was lovely and friendly.

Lynn and I had a few adventures in New York with the subway, we were lost in New York and with the help of many wonderful New Yorkers (who said they weren’t friendly) we found our way. It was an adventure but it all worked out well in the end. In Little Italy, our waiter at the restaurant even wrote out instructions on how to get to the subway and left them for us. He was adorable!

We took a sightseeing bus around the city and saw as much of New York as we could in 3 days. We hopped off the bus and wandered Chinatown and Little Italy and in general had a fantastic time everywhere we went. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Both Lynn and I wonder if our abundance of white hair helped us as we did not look scary just a bit overwhelmed with the awesome city.

It was an adventure and a fun few days and now I am home again and should get back to my school work which is due in a couple of days uggh…



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  1. So glad you had a great time! I love New Yorkers and have always found them to be super nice and super helpful! Plus, it is just an awesome city!!!

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