Welcome to 3dogknits!


3dogknits is my yarn and fibre dying business with some hand spinning thrown in for fun.

I want to share my Etsy site with you! I am slowly figuring it out and will be posting yarns, fibre’s and some of my own handspinning for sale.

3dogsknit Etsy site.

There will be a blog connected to this site, a blog about knitting, dying,  spinning yarn and  fleece and occasionally dogs and cats.

A little about me, I was/am an artist, who due to circumstances became a techie, I put the artist side of me away while I raised my 4 children. I took up pottery and loved it but eventually I ran out of  time for it and again put away the creative side.  I started knitting again after learning from my Irish mother as a teenager, but I had no patience then and I struggled with the method my mother taught me.

I never thought I would want to spin, I never thought I would want to dye yarn, but life takes you to places that you never expected and brings you joy in little things like the spinning and dying and all things fibre and wool. I love wool, more than any other fibre. I love the feel the smell and the touch of wool. I would love to have my own sheep, maybe some day I will find away to have  a few of my own.

I will be posting my hand dyed yarns and fibres to purchase. If you like them please let me know, if you want something special I can do that too. I have done some custom yarns for a few people and am always willing to do more.

Please enjoy!