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Meet Finn, he is our 6 year old double merle Australian Shepherd. Finnegan is deaf, partially blind and a real sweetheart. He is the product of breeding that should never happen among Aussie pups, his parents were both merle colouring and when that breeding occurs you have a good chance that 1/4 of your litter of pups will be blind, deaf or both.

Finn came to us as a 9 week old puppy, a foster pup from ARPH an Australian shepherd rescue. He was sweet and confident and did/does not know he is blind and deaf. We all fell in love with him and he stayed, a failed foster.

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Ziggy is now 10 but we brought her into our family as an 8 week old pup from a breeder, before we new about rescue. She is smart and beautiful and runs our house with efficiency. She is my best friend and constant companion. She has taught every foster that has come through our doors the rules of the house and guards our cats as if they were her babies.

Ziggy is also Finnegan’s eyes and ears, and I will often send her off to bring Finn in at night or if he wanders to far on a walk. She acts as if Finn is an annoyance but she would protect him with her life.

pictures 430Dundee

Dundee, left us in October of 2014, we lost him to Liver cancer, he was 11. He was the original dog of the 3 dog part of 3dogknits. Dundee was my first rescue pup and was always a work in progress. We spent many a dollar on trainers and behaviourists with Dundee and although he came a long way from when we first adopted him, he always had issues with other dogs.

Dundee loved Ziggy and ignored Finnegan. He was a sweet companion and was the happiest dog just to know he had a home and safe place to lay his head. I miss him every day.

2014-12-06 08.41.51Gimli

Meet Gimli, our newest member of the family. Gimli is a 10 months old male pup with Amber eyes and red merle colouring. He is a silly fellow and still learning the rules, Ziggy reminds him constantly. He is a mix between (we think) a mini-Aussie and a full sized Aussie. He is too big to be a mini and too small to be full sized Aussie. Gimli came to us from AROO Aussie rescue.

He is sweet and a bit timid and needs to work on his confidence. He loves to play and is super smart, but still steals slippers and has had a good chew on both mine and my husbands boots.


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