Available Workshops

Learn to spin on a wheel

In this class the student will learn the basic’s of hand spinning on a spinning wheel. We will cover wheel tension, treadling, drafting fibre, spinning a singles (or a single ply yarn) and learning to create a basic 2 ply yarn. We will also touch on how to use a nitty knotty and how to finish a yarn. In the class we will also talk about the types of spinning wheels and the different ways that a spinning wheel is designed.

My goal is to have the student leave the class with the basic spinning skills and be able to build up on those skills to become comfortable with hand spinning and to find joy at their spinning wheel.

Fibre will be supplied and the student should have a working spinning wheel, and at least 3 bobbins.

7 hours of class can be done in 1, 2 or 3 day sessions.

Drop Spindling

Using spindles to create yarn is one of the oldest ways that yarn and threads where created to make cloth. A drop spindle is a very portable way of creating yarn. A spindle can travel with you anywhere and as you become more comfortable spinning with a spindle, often you can drop spindle while you walk.

In this workshop a student will learn how to create singles on a drop spindle using the park and draft method. As part of the class they student will learn how to begin to spin on a spindle,  how to wind the yarn onto a spindle and then to continue spinning and winding the yarn.

The student will also learn how to create a 2 ply yarn on the spindle, using the Andean plying method.

My goal with this class is to have a student leave with the ability to spin on a drop spindle and create a two ply yarn that can be used for knitting, crochet or weaving.

Fibre and spindles are supplied in this class.

3.5 – 4 hours of classes that can be done in one or two days sessions.

Spinning Worsted, Woolen and the Semi’s -Yarns

This workshop is designed to take a hand spinner to the next level, most hand spinners learn to spin in a worsted style of hand spinning, a short forward drafting style.  In this workshop we will explore different styles of spinning and the different fibre types that can be used. We will discuss and learn what a true worsted yarn is and how to create it. How to create a woolen yarn using different preparations of fibre to allow air into the hand spinning process to create lighter loftier yarns.

Also we will review different types of fibre and their preparations to create semi woolen and semi worsted yarns.  This workshop is an exploration into what new yarns can be created using different types of fibre preparation.

This workshop is 3-4 hours of instruction, fibres are provided, must have your own spinning wheel.

Beyond Two ply

What if a two ply is not enough, often a hand spinner is also a knitter and knitters like nice round 3 ply yarns. Maybe you have bought one of those coloured braids and you want to maintain the colours to create long colour stripes. This workshop will explore 3 and 4 ply yarns and more. We will explore a 3 ply yarn with 3 singles, a 3 ply yarn from one single (Chain plied yarn), creating a 4 ply yarn from two 2ply yarns (Cable ply) and other variations of these yarns and techniques.

A student would need to be comfortable spinning on a wheel and have several bobbins of spun yarn.

This workshop would 3-4 hours in a single day session or two 2 hour classes.

ooooooh SILK!

Silk is one of the most wonderful fibres to spin but it can be a challenge for a newer spinner to find the best way to spin it. It has a slippery and sticky properties. In this workshop we will cover spinning silk blends, spinning Tussah silk top and how to prepare and spin silk hankies. We will discuss setting up the wheel for spinning silk, treadling for silk and plying silk.

Workshop attendee’s need to bring their highest ratio whorls, hand cream and patience.

The workshop is 4 hours and spinning fibre is provided.

Colour, how to spin it!!

As spinners we are often drawn to those wonderful colourful braids of fibre. There are so many ways to spin those colours. In this class we will explore spinning colourful braids. We will break them apart, split them down the middle and create long strands of colour that will create repeatable stripes of colour. We will also approach using multiple single coloured fibre to create a colourful multi coloured yarn.

This class is 4-5 hours and fibre will be supplied.

Blending fibres to get the yarns you want.