A Real Breed Study - September - Lincoln

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September Breed Study- 2021 Lincoln

In September we will continue our breed study, but examining Canadian Lincoln breed. These sheep are from the English Longwool Breeds of sheep from England. They are the largest of the British Sheep breeds. They are know for there lovely long lustreous locks.

The Real Breed Study is a virtual program that develops an understanding of different breeds of sheep and their wool. Best practices for spinning each breed of wool we are studying. All breeds studied will come from Canadian farms and that information will come with the fleece so that students can at another time purchase a fleece from that farm if they wish.

A parcel of raw fleece (between .5 -1 lb) will be shipped to each participant and will come with washing instructions and Breed study sheet. The Breed study sheet will allow the user to record their findings about the breed and fleece. Each sheet can be used to create a student Breed book, that can be used as a reference for future fleece purchases.

Participants will meet 3-4 times in the month virtually via Google Meets.

In each of the monthly workshops the participants will learn how to wash the fleece and dry it, process it.

Carding and combing the fleece, spinning woollen and worsted. How the fleece will take dye are all topics that will be part of the study.

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