Whats happening at 3dogknits!

Wondering where 3dogknits is going to be?

Right now 3dogknits is isolating at home and going for long dog walks along the bay.

I’m still dyeing yarns and fibres and will have lots for sale just check out the store and if you don’t see what you like email me and I will custom dye it for you.

I am hoping to be at a few shows later this year and will keep you updated as things change.

Right now we are having virtual Spin-in’s on Sunday’s from 11am to 1pm if you would like to join just contact me with you an email and I will send you and invite on Google Hangouts.

***If your interested in private spinning lessons, I can help you with that. There are a number of locations we can meet up at or I can work something out that works for you. Just contact me at Jane@3dogknits.ca*** At this time we can do virtual classes so contact me if that might work for you. Hopefully we will be able to get together again soon.